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Southwestern Arizona

Last updated March 2012

Additional Where to Fish pages
- White Mountains
- Central Arizona
- North Central Regions
- Southeastern Arizona
- Mogollon Rim
- Southwestern Arizona
- Colorado River Northwest
Check out Yumabassman, an excellent website about fishing around the Yuma area.  There are forums for fishing, boating, tackle and a host of others.  This site has all you need to know about fishing in the southwestern part of the state.  Another very good web-based source, this one for Lake Havasu, is It includes forums for striped bass, black bass, catfish and sunfish.
Click on the following links for more detailed information on fishing in the following bodies of water:
Alamo Lake
Lake Havasu
Mittry Lake
Yuma Area Ponds
Colorado River from Picacho State Park to Imperial Dam


Southwestern waters news:


Barbara Harp caught this very nice tilapia in the Imperial Division near Yuma, in January, 2012.

The tilapia, which she released, measured 21".


Not to be outdone, Rodger Harp caught and released this this 8-pound largemouth bass in February, 2012


Justin Kerr caught a new Arizona Colorado River record smallmouth bass in Lake Havasu in November, 2011.

It weighed 6.63 pounds.


And yet another Arizona Colorado River record smallmouth bass from Lake Havasu, caught in March 2012.  It weighed 6.65 lbs!



A new world record redear sunfish, caught in Lake Havasu in May, 2011.  It was officially weighed in at 5.55 pounds.  The angler is Robert Lawler.




The table below provides the species available in the waters within Southwestern Arizona. For more information such as area maps, concessions and supplies available, boating information, nearest towns, and facilities of these waters, purchase the "Arizona Fishin' Holes" book from Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Fish species names
Alamo Res.                            
Bill Williams River                                
Colorado River                                        
Buckskin State Park                                
La Paz County Park                                
Parker Vicinity                              
A-7 & A-10                          
Walters Camp (CA)                        
Gilmore's Camp (CA)                        
Hodge Rock (CA)                        
Picacho State Park (CA)                        
Martinez Lake Marina                        
Fishers Landing                        
Imperial Oasis                        
Laguna Dam & Above                          
Laguna Dam to Morelos                          
Mittry Lake                            
Redondo Res.                                  
Gila River                                        
Confluence Eastward                            
Salinity Canal                            
Yuma Valley Drains                            
Yuma Canals                            
* Directions are approximate and using Yahoo Maps. Please note that errors occasionally occur. Please contact local land management or tourism agencies to verify directions.
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Downloads for Southwestern Waters



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Fishing &
Reptile/ Amphibian Regulations

  • 2015 Urban Fishing Guidebook
  • 2015 Amphibian and Reptile Regulations

  • 2013-14 Raptor Regulations
  • Arizona Residency Requirements


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