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Scholastic Clay Target Program


2015 Season Shoot Results

See below for shoot dates, locations and registration information.


Next Shoot

April 4, 2015

Commissioner's Cup

Sporting Clays

Ben Avery Clay Target Center




The Arizona Game and Fish Department Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) is a team-based youth development program that uses the shotgun sports of trap, skeet, and sporting clays to instill life skills such as discipline, safety, teamwork, ethics, self-confidence and other life values. The program utilizes these disciplines to teach hunting skills through the safe use of hunting equipment including firearms and their relationship to hunting situations. Team members can participate in any or all three of the clay target disciplines; trap, skeet, and sporting clays. 

SCTP was developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) in conjunction with the firearms industry and shotgun shooting governing bodies and is now nationally governed by the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) to provide team participation to youth in the shotgun shooting sports.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department sponsors the program in Arizona and invites students from age 9 though graduation of college to an opportunity to learn about safe use of hunting firearms, and teamwork in a safe environment by certified shotgun coaches.

Participants may choose not to become competitive or may compete in a variety of events from Fun Shoots to State Championships to National Championships.



How to Join

There are 28 SCTP clubs state wide that are run entirely with vlounteer help.  Each club is independently organized setting their own practices dates, times, and locations.  To find a club in your area please click on the map to the right or you may contact the Shooting Sports Coordinator of the Arizona Game and Fish Department at 602-942-3000 or e-mail at You can also contact your local shooting range or gun club to find out if they offer the program.

Shooting Season

The season runs from October 1 through May 1.  Those teams who participated in the state championships at the end of the season are then eligible to participate in the National Championships during the summer.  International shoots and competitions for those desiring to participate in our international sports are held at the conclusion of the season.

Becoming Involved

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and complete an Arizona Game and Fish Department approved Shotgun Coach Course and approved background check.

To inquire about certification please contact the Lead Instructor of your local club or contact the Shooting Sports Coordinator of the Arizona Game and Fish Department directly.

Arizona's SCTP teaches youth the importance of the safe use of hunting equipment while instilling values they will use through their lives. The program provides team leaders and team members with the opportunity to participate in an activity that promotes the highest standards of safety, sportsmanship and ethical behavior. Parents and participants are enthusiastic about the benefits of the program.

Once graduating from SCTP there are several opportunities to continue shooting though collegiate programs.  For an interactive map of programs throughout the nation please click on the map to the right.

Starting a Team

If you are interested in starting a SCTP team at your local shooting club there is support available for this from the Game and Fish including clay target machines, firearms, safety equipment, training and funds for new shooters.  Please contact the State Shooting Sports Coordinator at the Arizona Game and Fish Department for more information 602-942-3000.


2014-15 Season Forms

General forms

  1. Arizona SCTP Dates - Fun Shoots & Commissioner's Cups
  2. Arizona Scholastic Clay Target Program Rules & Guidelines

Registration forms - turn in to your coach

  1. Parent/Legal Guardian Release and Medical and Consent Release
  2. Consent and Waiver
  3. Sportsmanship & Ethics Contract
  4. Code of Conduct Policy and Procedure

“Fun Shoot” registration forms and information

Lake Havasu Fun shoot Nov. 22-23, 2014 @ Lake Havasu Sportsman Club

Commissioners Cup registration form

Forms coming soon.

  • Clays - April 4, 2015 @ Ben Avery CTC
  • Trap & Skeet - April 25-26 @ Tucson T&S
**Remember that this form does not guarantee your registration.  You must register through your Lead Instructor. This form is simply a way for you to send in your monies and keep track of which shoots you are registering for**


Additional SCTP Handouts

  1. How to Join the NGBs
  2. Shooter Etiquette
  3. Commissioner's Cup General Rules
    1. Skeet Specific Rules
    2. Trap Specific Rules
    3. Sporting Clay Specific Rules

Junior Olympic Information

International Trap - TBA

International Skeet - TBA


Shoot Results



Grant Opportunities

    Arizona Youth Shooting Program



Organizational Support


Wildlife for Tomorrow - Wildlife for Tomorrow has donated thousands of dollars to endowment accounts for all Arizona SCTP Clubs.  These endowment accounts also called the Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund will be key for the future of the SCTP. 


Midway USA Foundation - The Midway USA Foundation was created by the Potterfield family and they have been major supporters to Arizona SCTP.  The Midway USA Foundation created the Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund which is where endowmnet accounts are held.  This partnership is key to the future of Arizona SCTP.     


Oppurtunities for athletes -

Frequently state and national organizations have opportunities available for SCTP participants.  These can include scholarships, grants for travel expenses, and special events.  This area of the web page will be dedicated to those non profit organizations information.  Check this section periodically for new opportunities.

  1. *NEW*  The National Sporting Clays Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation have established a four-year degree Scholarship Program.  Every year, NSCA and NSSF will present a $5,000 scholarship to an eligible high school senior.
  1. The Arizona Shooting Sports Education Foundation is offering grants to those individuals who require travel to the Commissioner's Cups.  These are issued on a first come first serve basis.



Looking for more information?
Our resources page has lists of external clubs, associations and other Web sites to help you find all the information you need.

Still have questions?
Contact us through the agency directory.


Midway USA Foundation

The Midway USA Foundation was created by the Potterfield family and they have been major supporters to Arizona SCTP.  The Midway USA Foundation created the Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund which is where endowmnet accounts are held.  This partnership is key to the future of Arizona SCTP. 

Wildlife for Tomorrow

Wildlife for Tomorrow has donated thousands of dollars to endowment accounts for all Arizona SCTP Clubs.  These endowment accounts also called the Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund will be key for the future of the SCTP. 


The NRA Foundation

The NRA Foundation has been a huge sponsor to Arizona SCTP. The Department has received grants from the NRA Foundation for many years and most recently received nearly $25,000 during the 2013 season for firearms purchases. These firearms benefit the entire program because it allows new teams to join and also allows replenishment of firearms inventory across the entire state. These generous donations from the NRA Foundation are invaluable to the Arizona Scholastic Clay Target Program.


Larry & Brenda Potterfield

Larry and Brenda Potterfield are the founders and owners of Midway USA. Midway USA is a catalog and internet retailer for everything shooting, hunting and reloading. The Potterfield’s feel obligated to change the future of shooting sports which is why they donate half of their earnings every year to youth shooting sport programs. The Potterfield’s have donated nearly half a million dollars to Arizona SCTP in the past year. This partnership is vital to the maintenance and growth of the Scholastic Clay Target Program in Arizona.


Arizona Shooting Sports Education Foundation

The Arizona Shooting Sports Education Foundation (AZSSEF) has been a staple of Arizona SCTP since inception. They have provided funding and assistance in many aspects of SCTP. All Arizona State Champions that attend the SCTP Nationals receive a free custom “Arizona” shooting vest. This vest has always been funded by AZSSEF. This Arizona SCTP tradition is much appreciated by all stakeholders.

Participants in SCTP use shotguns to shoot at flying objects call clay targets. Clay targets are also called clay birds or pigeons, as live pigeons were used in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Today’s clay targets are manufactured Frisbee-like disks that can be “thrown” in many different directions, heights, speeds, and can be very challenging to shoot.

TRAP (watch a video)

Trap dates back to the late 1700s and was designed to simulate the flight path of flushing game birds such as grouse, pheasant, and quail to hone a hunter's skills.

The targets are thrown from a single location, in front of the shooter, who moves in a semi-circle to change the angle and difficulty of the going-away shot.

SKEET (watch a video)

Skeet dates back to the early 1900s as a way to simulate the criss-crossing hunting action of flying upland birds such as dove.

The shooter rotates through different stations along a semi-circle as targets from two opposing houses (one at each corner of the semi-circle) "pass" across the field.

The 2-target presentions are thrown one at a time, and at the same time for an additional challenge.

SPORTING CLAYS (watch a video)

Sporting clays dates back to the early 1900s and is often described as golf with a shotgun.

Unlike the confined field of trap and skeet, clays is set on a walking course in a natural environment.

The shooter moves from station to station where targets are presented differently at each station to mimic hunting situations for species such as quail, grouse, pheasant, dove, ducks, geese, and rabbits.

Target presentation names have root in game species such as "springing-teal" and "running-rabbit."


Did you know that every time you buy a box of shotgun shells or a new firearm you are helping to fund hunter education programs, public shooting ranges, and wildlife conservation efforts?

That’s right, you can be proud of your participation in the shooting sports.

Thanks to the Pittman-Robertson federal excise tax (championed by sportsmen), manufacturers of shooting and hunting products pay into the Wildlife Restoration fund.

Those funds are apportioned and distributed back to state wildlife agencies to support these programs, creating this cycle of success.


Through its roots and disciplines, the Scholastic Clay Target Program provides many of the foundations needed to hunt safely, along with the marksmanship skills required to ethically and humanely harvest game if a participant ever does want to take up hunting.

SCTP, when coupled with the new hunter camps, offered by Game and Fish and sportsmen conservation organizations, assures these youngsters will learn to be responsible hunters and conservationists.

Hunting plays an important role in wildlife conservation and is one of the cornerstones of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation.

Since the adoption of regulated hunting seasons, science-based wildlife management, and the public process, most wildlife populations (hunted and non-hunted) are more robust then they have ever been.

Unregulated market hunting had detrimental effects on many species, driving some into extinction, and should not be compared to today's regulated, recreational hunting.

Moreover, hunting and shooting play a critical role in funding wildlife management, as many states, including Arizona, do not receive any general state tax revenue to operate. A primary funding source is from the sale of licenses and permits.

Interestingly, the species that clay target disciplines simulate provided valuable sources of excellent, healthy, protein-rich table fare for generations, including squirrel, rabbit, grouse, quail, pigeon, dove, ducks and geese.



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