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Heritage Fund Grant Sub-programs
The Arizona Game and Fish Commission administers the fund for the conservation of sensitive wildlife and sensitive wildlife habitat. The following sub-programs comprise the Heritage Fund Grant Program:
IIAPM - (Identification, Inventory, Acquisition, Protection and Management of Sensitive Habitats)
"Habitat protection" means the process of protecting the quality, diversity, abundance, and serviceability of habitats for the purposes of maintaining or recovering populations of Arizona wildlife.(ARS17-296.9)

"Sensitive habitat" means the specific areas within the geographical area historically or currently occupied by a species or community of species in which are found those physical or biological features essential to the establishment or continued existence of the species and which may require special management, conservation or protection considerations.(ARS17-296.2)

Fund Description - Funds will be available under the Heritage IIAPM grant funding source for projects that will preserve and enhance Arizona's natural biological diversity. The funding focus is directed annually toward species and habitat objectives that will give the greatest return for the Heritage funds invested.

Environmental Education
"Environmental education" means educational programs dealing with basic ecological principles and the effects of natural and man related processes on natural and urban systems and programs to enhance public awareness of the importance of safeguarding natural resources.(ARS17-296.7)

Fund Description - Funds will be available under the Environmental Education grant fund for projects that develop awareness, appreciation and understanding of Arizona's wildlife and its environment and to increase responsible actions toward wildlife and their habitat. Project proposals should request a minimum of $1,000.00 and a maximum of $10,000.00.

Schoolyard Grants
Fund Description - Funds will be available under the Schoolyard Habitat Program for projects that encourage wildlife education on school sites through the development or enhancement of urban wildlife habitats. Project proposals should request a minimum of $1,000.00 and a maximum of $10,000.00.

Urban Wildlife and Urban Habitat
"Urban wildlife" means the wildlife that occurs within the limits of an incorporated area or in close proximity to an urban area that receives significant impact from human use.(ARS17-296.6)

Fund Description - Funds will be available under the Urban Wildlife/Urban Wildlife Habitat grant funding source for projects that conserve, enhance and establish wildlife habitats and populations in harmony with urban environments, and that increase public awareness of and support for urban wildlife resources.

Public Access
"Public access" means providing entry to publicly held lands for recreational use where such entry is consistent with the provisions establishing those lands.(ARS17-296.1)

Fund Description - Funds will be available under the Heritage Public Access grant fund to increase, maintain or reduce public access as needed, for recreational use in cooperation with Federal land managers, local and State governments, private landowners and public users.

For more Heritage Grant information, please contact the Heritage Grants Coordinator, Robyn Beck at (623) 236-7530.
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- The Arizona Game and Fish Department Heritage Fund receives money from the Arizona Lottery, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a contest.
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Downloads [More]
- 2008 Heritage Grant Application Forms
[PDF, 190kb]
- 2008 Heritage Grant Application Manual
[PDF, 338kb]
- 2008 Heritage Grant Prioritization Manual
[PDF, 214kb]
- 2008 Heritage Grant Eligibility Lists, Special Conditions & FAQ
[PDF, 221kb]
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“It’s meant so much, for so long to our district and our students.” Kevin Brown, superintendent of the Flagstaff Unified School District.

“I can’t say how much it has made an impact in Arizona schools, where budgets have been so tight.” Mike Trimble, biology teacher at Tempe Corona del Sol High School

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