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Teaming With Wildlife

A new effort to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered is gearing up in Arizona and we want you to be part of it! Teaming with Wildlife is a coalition of more than 3,000 organizations working to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered by supporting increased state and federal funding for wildlife conservation, outdoor recreation and conservation education in every state. We invite you to join our coalition and help conserve wildlife and vital natural areas for future generations.

This is an exciting time for wildlife in Arizona. The state recently completed a Wildlife Action Plan, which was developed by scientists, sportsmen, conservationists and members of the community, working together. The Wildlife Action Plan has the potential to:

  • Prevent wildlife from becoming endangered.
  • Become a driving force for wildlife conservation efforts in Arizona.
  • Benefit the health of wildlife and people.
  • Create new partnerships between conservationists, sportsmen, scientists, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

In 2000, the Teaming with Wildlife Coalition helped pass national legislation to create the State Wildlife Grants Program. In the five years since its inception, this program has distributed over $400 million federal dollars to the states. Arizona’s $1.4 million portion has gone to highly successful on-the-ground conservation programs that have benefited both wildlife and people. Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton recently recognized State Wildlife Grants as “our nation’s primary conservation program for keeping species healthy and off the list of threatened and endangered species.”

Arizona’s Wildlife Action Plan was a requirement of the State Wildlife Grants Program and will build on the wildlife conservation projects that are already underway in the state. Teaming with Wildlife is committed to the full implementation of the wildlife action plan, which will address conservation, education, and recreation issues across Arizona.

Enclosed are an endorsement form and more information of Teaming with Wildlife. We hope you will join us as we work to secure adequate funding to fully implement Arizona’s Wildlife Action Plan!

If you are interested in wildlife conservation and in working to protect Arizona’s invaluable wildlife legacy, please visit and subscribe to Working for Wildlife, a self-subscription newsletter the Department is establishing to keep the public apprised of efforts to secure the funding needed to meet the challenge. Whether game, sportfish, nongame, or endangered species, Arizona’s wildlife needs your help right now, more than ever. So, please sign up for the newsletter and keep abreast of how you can pitch in.

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